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Ellipse Demi Cuff Bracelet, Geometric Cuff Bracelet That With the Security and comfort of a Clasp


I call this bracelet a "demi cuff" bracelet because it has a solid bent hammered ellipse shape that curves around the wrist like a cuff, but attaches with a sturdy chain and clasp. It has the comfort and flexibility of a chain and link bracelet coupled with the look of a cuff. The open space created within the ellipse creates visual interest, while the soft lines of the piece keep it easy to wear with anything.

Available in sterling silver and 14k gold fill as well as mixed metal (please select below)

All of my work is handmade by me in my Southern Vermont Studio with the utmost care and attention to detail. If for any reason you are not happy with what you ordered, or it doesn't fit right, I will always accept returns or exchanges. I work hard to insure that you will receive a product that you are happy with, and that will last long enough that your teenage daughter will eventually steal it from your jewelry box.