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Flutter Necklace - Delicate Hammered Petal Necklace, Handmade and Inspired by Nature


Hand-forged seed pod shapes link together segments of delicate chain to create this elegant and fluttery necklace. It is simple yet intricate, and so weightless you will forget it is there until you catch your reflection in a passing mirror. The hammering adds great texture and sparkle to this bohemian yet sophisticated piece.

This necklace was inspired by samaras, the little spinning seed pods that fall from maple trees and spin and coast as they fall. They are also sometimes called whirly-jigs or helicopters. I love these little seed pods, and they are everywhere here in Vermont in the fall. The Flutter Necklace mimics their beautiful shapes, movement and balance.

Available in sterling silver, 14k gold fill, or mixed metal.

16" or 18" chain.

*The final image shows the Flutter layered together with the October Necklace