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Mystic Necklace: Long Necklace With Multiple Ellipses Design Adjustable Length


Multiple softly hammered delicate Ellipses interspersed with chain segments, long enough to wrap twice, or can also be worn long. The clasp on this necklace can be hooked on different ellipses, giving it an adjustable length. This adjustability, paired with the fact that the Mystic can be worn long or wrapped twice makes this an extremely versatile piece that can be worn in many configurations.

36" long

All of my work is handmade by me in my Southern Vermont Studio with the utmost care and attention to detail. If for any reason you are not happy with what you ordered, or it doesn't fit right, I will always accept returns or exchanges. I work hard to insure that you will receive a product that you are happy with, and that will last long enough that your teenage daughter will eventually steal it from your jewelry box.