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Ojo Rings Set of 3 in Silver and Solid 14k Gold, Minimalist Eye Shape Stacking Rings


People have worn jewelry featuring eye shapes for centuries as talismans to protect against the evil eye. The tradition is fascinating, and dates back 5000 years and spans many civilizations and religions. This is my pared down and modernized version of that concept.

This set of 3 simple stacking rings makes a understated yet strong minimalist statement. It is a clean and sharp adornment that you will never want to take off. This is a timeless set that can be a future heirloom passed down for generations.

This is the listing for this style in solid 14k and sterling silver mix. There is a separate listing for this same design in sterling silver and 14k gold fill. (it was too many options to fit in one listing)

Available in: sterling silver, 14k solid rose or yellow gold

Women's sizes 5-9, other sizes available by request

*Please allow 7-10 days for solid 14k items. Thx!*

Also available individually, however you get a slight discount per ring by purchasing a set of three.