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Sasanoa Necklace - Balancing Oblong Pendants on Graceful Chain


This is a necklace for a free spirit. It changes and slips from shape to shape, like the coastline itself. The images above show the two ways it tends to lie, and the longer the length the more it stays symmetrical with two vertical ellipses and two that lay along the collarbone. But at choker length the middle ellipse slides to the left or to the right, creating a striking asymmetrical line.

The Sasanoa Necklace is a part of the Tidewater Collection for Spring 2015. The Tidewater Collection is inspired by the ever-changing shapes and fluidity of the amazing boundary where the ocean meets the shore. It features pieces with fluid movement, soft lines, and gentle asymmetry.

Available in 16" or 18", sterling silver, 14k gold fill or mixed metal